[Announce] Perlbal 1.60

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at danga.com
Wed Oct 24 04:02:44 UTC 2007

New Perlbal:


1.60: 2007-10-23

    -- accept LFLF to end HTTP request headers, instead of just
       CRLFCRLF.  easier monitoring with netcat & other popular
       webservers accept LFLF anyway.  (Paul Baker)

    -- SHUTDOWN GRACEFUL [timeout] - now accepts optional timeout
       parameter to force shutdown after that period in seconds

    -- make SSL non-blocking

    -- make persist_client_timeout service tunable apply to the max_idle_time
       value used to kill sockets that are idle

    -- add Vpath plugin for selectors; can select on URI regex now

    -- add ability to set default_service on selector services; any
       request that is not caught by a selector plugin instead gets
       routed to the defined default service

    -- add MIME [ LIST | REMOVE <ext> | SET <ext> <mime> ] command for
       managing the internal list of mime-types

    -- return an error when trying to use HEADER command on a
       service that isn't of role reverse_proxy

    -- add hook to attach when a service selector is getting a client
       returned to it.

    -- fixed huge memory leak in Stats plugin

    -- Fix t/15-webserver.t to not fail once in a while (timing glitch)

    -- Fix handling of a proxy response that doesn't have a Reason-Phrase
       on the HTTP status line.

    -- Update 'queues' management command to output information about low
       priority queue, now that we use it.

    -- the buffered upload rate test should pass more reliably now.  some
       people reported it sporadically (or often) failing before

    -- new per-service configuration value: persist_client_timeout -
       timeout in seconds for HTTP keep-alives to the end user
       (defaults to 30 seconds)

    -- new server configuration value: pidfile - for managing an internal

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