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Kyle Nordman kylenordman at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 22:45:01 UTC 2007

I was running that setup, but then opted for Perlbal - Apache (mod_proxy
balancer) - Mongrel.

Apache seems to take care of any inconsistency I was witnessing with
mongrel. Mind you I would just use Apache- Mongrel for serving pages. But we
have MogileFS in our setup, so we needed Perlbal for our image host
(img.*.com) etc..

Now do the mongrel processes fall into a zombie state? or is it for sure,
Perlbal, not connecting to the ports. I personally could not get Perlbal to
work with Mongrels OPTION send, thus had to turn off the verify_backend
while I was testing, and it seemed to work great.

But that being said, we ended up going the route mentioned before in the
long run.

Hope that helps?

On Oct 31, 2007 1:26 PM, TJ Murphy <TJ at freewebs.com > wrote:

>  Allo,
> I'm currently running Perlbal (1.59, reverse_proxy) to load balance a
> bunch of mongrels.  Occasionally I get to a point where Perlbal will serve
> return a blank white screen instead of returning the app response.  My users
> have dubbed it the "White Screen Of Death".  I'm not sure where to begin
> debugging the problem or sorting out the cause.
> I see the issue happen when I have a spike in requests or if I kill off
> the mongrels.  I have found that adding more mongrels usually leads to less
> white screens.
> Also, it seems that verify_backend doesn't really jive with mongrel.  I
> suspect it's because mongrel doesn't respond to an OPTIONS request.  Is
> there any way to benefit from verify_backend in my case?
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