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dormando dormando at
Wed Jan 23 21:56:16 UTC 2008

Neato :)

Actually I like the idea of having something similar to apache's Include 
directive. If you give it a directory or a glob it'll search through 
that. I'd prefer this to a magic directory since it's easier to 
document, and makes the whole thing optional.

Uhh. Not saying I'd reject the patch (it's not my call; other people are 
doing the merge jobs on perlbal). Just saying I'd "like to see this if 
someone made it exist" :)


Ryan Woodrum wrote:
> Hi,
> I've recently developed a need to segment some of the perlbal config into 
> smaller pieces.  I have multiple applications using perlbal with a 
> centralized configuration mechanism which dynamically generates the perlbal 
> config.  This worked until I needed to implement multiple applications on a 
> single host and suddenly manipulating the single perlbal config file became 
> problematic.
> The solution for me was to modify perlbal very slightly to not only read in 
> the default configuration file, but also to process files from an extra 
> config directory.
> In the default case, this means that /etc/perlbal/perlbal.conf is read, but 
> also all files under /etc/perlbal/conf.d/.  In the case where a configuration 
> override is given via arguments such as --config=/foo/bar/baz.conf, baz.conf 
> would be used as would anything in /foo/bar/conf.d/ (if it exists).  This 
> allows you to segment portions of config out such as, in my case, creation of 
> a pool, creation of a service, and enabling of the service.  Any extra config 
> in the conf.d/ directory is executed in the CommandContext of the "main" 
> config file.
> I didn't want to reinvent the wheel parsing pathnames and I didn't want to 
> change the function signature of load_config, so unfortunately a dependency 
> on the File::Basename module is introduced and used in load_config.  This 
> could be worked around relatively easily, however.
> A patch is attached to this email against the 1.60 offering of on 
> cpan.
> Thought I would pass this along.
> -ryan woodrum

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