Running multiple perlbal instances

Russ Garrett russ at
Tue Jan 29 23:19:46 UTC 2008

Kevin Olson wrote:
> Does anyone have some advice on running multiple perlbal instances on one
> multi-cpu box?  We're getting to the point where one perlbal instance is
> handling 30,000-45,000 connections/min and load is hitting 1.00.
> An easy solution would seem to be to have different perlbal instances
> handling different vips, but that introduces extra config files and what
> not.  It'd be nice to simply round-robin load balance between the two
> instances, without adding another full blown load balancer to the mix.
We currently have 10 perlbal instances running, which are load-balanced 
by one machine (actually a heartbeat pair) running LVS. Our config is 
managed centrally with a couple of subsitution variables and a make script.

If you assign one perlbal instance per vip, it might work well to start 
with, but if one of your vips gains enough traffic to swamp one perlbal 
instance, you're still going to need a higher level of load-balancing.
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