trusted_upstream_proxies - does it works for clients too?

hachi hachi at
Thu Mar 13 19:06:28 UTC 2008

trusted_upstream_proxies is for selecting which clients are trusted and 
do not need to have their X-Forwarded-For header modified in inbound 
requests. It has no bearing on backend connection selection or trust.

"upstream" in this context means "towards the client"

Danil V. Lavrentyuk wrote:
> Hi!
> Is it true that trusted_upstream_proxies adress list is used both for 
> backend connections and for client connections?
> I.e. if there is another proxy server before Perlbal which sets 
> X-Forwarded-For header, I have to use trusted_upstream_proxies 
> parameter for that proxy and it will work fine?
> Best regards,
> Danil.

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