ERROR: Pool 'poolName' not found.

Jeremy James jbj at
Thu Mar 13 19:23:04 UTC 2008

Abhinav Akshay wrote:
> I may be missing something trivial. When I try to start perlbal as a
> reverse_proxy, I get the following error message:
> ERROR: Pool 'webServerPool' not found
> Error starting up.

The code response in

    my $orig = $cmd; # save original case for some commands
    $cmd =~ s/^([^=]+)/lc $1/e; # lowercase everything up to an =

Unfortunately, everything is being made lowercase, apart from the
assigning of the pool in "SET pool = webServerPool" which can't find the
pool requested (now called webserverpool).

Currently, the advice would be to use "webserverpool" throughout.

{orig} is currently only used in the MANAGE_load command where,
ironically, it largely ignores this by trying the case provided, a
lowercase version, then a capitalised version to local the plugin.

I'd imagine perlbal should probably use case in more locations - names
of services and pools, and any extra plugin parameters where stuff on
the left of the equals sign is actually case-sensitive - I intend to do
a patch to Vpaths for starters to fix this shortly.


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