Vpaths lowercase fix (was Re: ERROR: Pool 'poolName' not found.)

Jeremy James jbj at forbidden.co.uk
Fri Mar 14 14:36:02 UTC 2008

Jeremy James wrote:
> I'd imagine perlbal should probably use case in more locations - names
> of services and pools, and any extra plugin parameters where stuff on
> the left of the equals sign is actually case-sensitive - I intend to do
> a patch to Vpaths for starters to fix this shortly.

Patches downloadable below (instead of attaching, for archive reasons).
Bug is that expression to match against for a particular URL is made
lowercase before being used, leading to incorrect results if you intend
the hardcoded URLs (eg.) /Badger/ and /badger/ to go to different backends.

I've done a version to add this against a 'plain' 1.70 (svn 769), and
one to also add the substitute code I posted in a previous patch. Both
versions also avoid a potential crash where _vpaths isn't defined when
reaching vpath_selector (which shouldn't happen), but gets defined as a
map instead of an array.


I've also done a similarly adjusted version of Rewrite.



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