Client redirection

Eamon Daly edaly at
Mon Mar 31 21:48:14 UTC 2008

Assuming that Perlbal is not your HTTPS endpoint, you could
use the cgilike service and write a simple handler to issue
the redirect. See Perlbal::Plugin::Cgilike.

Eamon Daly

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From: "J Davis" <mrsalty0 at>
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Sent: Monday, March 31, 2008 4:21 PM
Subject: Client redirection

: Hello,
: Is there a way for Perlbal to force HTTP clients to redirect to HTTPS 
: on the requested URL?
: The Apache equivalent would be mod_rewrite but I haven't found anything
: similar in Perlbal.
: I asked a very similar question a few days ago but didn't see my message
: post to the list. My apologies if I'm the only one who missed it.
: Thanks,
: -Jake

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