brainstorming on naming

Johannes Ernst at
Wed Dec 14 20:01:39 UTC 2005

I think here are some terms that are "close" what I think we should  
express -- maybe somebody has a bright idea combining some of this  
with some of what has been said before.

very, very simple

I don't think it necessarily has to say anything about, or have much  
affiliation with any of the following:

Identity (it's broader than that)

Personally, I also think that the thing we are developing here is in  
the same category as SMTP, LDAP etc. etc. -- things that techies care  
about in order to make things work, but that end users do not care  
about, do not understand and don't really need to be exposed to  
(except in a configuration dialog perhaps). So I'd rather prefer a  
name that sounds more like those techie acronyms, than something that  
sounds like it is intended to be blasted all over the front pages of  
every web page.

But most importantly, I don't really care much about the name except  
that I don't want to be embarrassed saying it in front a crowd of  
developers *or* business / money people.

["OpenDISCO" is a borderline case with respect to the latter --  
imagine you walk by a conference session, don't have an idea what it  
is all about and you hear something about "the disco is open"?  
Somehow that conference session might end up with the wrong walk-in  
audience ... especially to European ears, "disco" means "discotheque"  
aka "dance/nightclub", see ]

Johannes Ernst
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