brainstorming on naming

Brian Ellin brian at
Wed Dec 14 20:41:37 UTC 2005

Jonannes and list,

To clarify, the "disco" portion of OpenDisco refers to "Discovery".  As
in service/capability discovery.

>From the frontpage: "YADIS is an capability discovery system"

Given your list of ideas below, OpenDisco seems like a very natural
choice.  I do see the connection between disco and discotheque, but
really don't think it will alienate any users or attract the wrong
crowd.  Do discussions about SOAP attract people with a desire to get
clean?  I doubt it.

My two cents,

Brian Ellin

On Wed, 2005-12-14 at 12:01 -0800, Johannes Ernst wrote:
> I think here are some terms that are "close" what I think we should  
> express -- maybe somebody has a bright idea combining some of this  
> with some of what has been said before.
> Open
> Decentralized
> User-controlled
> Extensible
> very, very simple
> URL-based
> REST-ful
> Secure
> Meta
> Capabilities
> Service
> I don't think it necessarily has to say anything about, or have much  
> affiliation with any of the following:
> Identity (it's broader than that)
> Personally, I also think that the thing we are developing here is in  
> the same category as SMTP, LDAP etc. etc. -- things that techies care  
> about in order to make things work, but that end users do not care  
> about, do not understand and don't really need to be exposed to  
> (except in a configuration dialog perhaps). So I'd rather prefer a  
> name that sounds more like those techie acronyms, than something that  
> sounds like it is intended to be blasted all over the front pages of  
> every web page.
> But most importantly, I don't really care much about the name except  
> that I don't want to be embarrassed saying it in front a crowd of  
> developers *or* business / money people.
> ["OpenDISCO" is a borderline case with respect to the latter --  
> imagine you walk by a conference session, don't have an idea what it  
> is all about and you hear something about "the disco is open"?  
> Somehow that conference session might end up with the wrong walk-in  
> audience ... especially to European ears, "disco" means "discotheque"  
> aka "dance/nightclub", see ]
> Johannes Ernst

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