brainstorming on naming

Lukas Leander Rosenstock webmaster at
Fri Dec 16 13:20:13 UTC 2005


Johannes Ernst wrote:

> Personally, I also think that the thing we are developing here is in  
> the same category as SMTP, LDAP etc. etc. -- things that techies care  
> about in order to make things work, but that end users do not care  
> about, do not understand and don't really need to be exposed to  
> (except in a configuration dialog perhaps). So I'd rather prefer a  
> name that sounds more like those techie acronyms, than something that  
> sounds like it is intended to be blasted all over the front pages of  
> every web page.

I think that users (citizens) need to know the services itself (like 
OpenID, LID, ...) but not how they are discovered, unless they create 
their capabilities document themselves and in that case they are techies 
(at least sort of) and need to know what they are doing.

However I like the idea of URU or something like that because the user 
needs a name for his identifier, most think of URL as a locator to any 
resource but not usually themselves.

Anyway, I've combined all ideas from the brainstorming up to know and 
put them here:


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