[ANN] python-openid 1.0.2

Kevin Turner kevin at janrain.com
Thu Dec 22 00:36:48 UTC 2005

Speaking of library releases --

we've made a few revisions to the python openid.server code to fix a few
small bugs.  Version 1.0.1 corrected a case where the server library was
returning an improper error code, and 1.0.2 fixes the server's response
in checkid_immediate mode.  (Thank you Paul for catching that one.)

Downloads are at

sha1sums for the distribution files are
a5d9404cd291c4b98fc5eb6db8385e687f1208eb  python-openid-1.0.2.tar.gz
ee3afc008a147bc294d4854b4480445c3df97b10  python-openid-1.0.2.zip


 - Kevin
   JanRain, Inc.

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