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Joaquin, see inline ### below.



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Thanks for the feedback, Drummond.  See below

1) In 6.3.1, it says a YADIS Service element MUST NOT contain more than one
URI element. Why this restriction? In XRI resolution architecture, the
reason a Service may contain more than one URI element is redundancy, i.e.,
the same reasons you have DNS round-robin. So we specify that if you have
more than one URI element, and the consuming application needs only one, you
select the highest priority URI element. Is there a reason you don't want to
allow this?

No.  This is there for two reasons: To provoke feedback.  To find out who I
can challenge with the question posed by the committee when they went over
the previous draft at the San Francisco meeting.

You have given your answer to the question.  

Since we don't want to require following priority, though we certainly want
it to remain there as an option, does it make sense that, if there is more
than one URI, they all have the same meaning (except for priority) and a
Relying Party can try any one or all of them (or may handle them as provided
in XRI Resolution)?  This seems consistent with the 'SHOULD' in 2.4.3 of XRI

### Yes, this makes sense to me. That's the underlying rationale in XRI
Resolution - that if there is more than one URI, they are all equivalent for
the purposes of this Service. ###


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