Identity, complemented with an icon?

Jason S jason at
Sun Dec 25 11:12:02 UTC 2005

I didn't mean to ACTUALLY reply into that thread, but clicking reply was
the quickest way to get the list address again...
Pardon the repost, but it's MUCH better to have these threads seperated,
because, uhhh, they deal with different subject matter :P.

So, repost ahoy!:
I think I may have just stumbled onto an awesome idea to complement

I've been reading a lot about Favicons (like the official specifications
and the like), and thanks to the wide wide web world of links, I found
(Note: Some of you may remember 'Gravatars', this is the same thing but
decentralized.  Hey, just like OpenID/LID and Passport! :D)

The Wikipedia entry for favicons makes mention of a 'favatar'.  It's
essentially, YOUR favicon, on someone elses site.
What's the big deal?
Well... OpenID (and LID, right?) identifies you by a URI, and that URI
can (and often does) feature a favicon, either referenced in <link>, or
omni-present at /favicon.ico

There's a plugin for WordPress where commenters who fill out their 'URL'
address get their 16x16 favatar shown on the top right hand side of
their comment.

As we all (should :D) know, favicons are one of two things:
Simply a favicon.ico file in your web root, or <link>'ed too, much like
openid.server and identity.server  :-D !

It doesn't need to be a part of the spec, but a small mention of it on
the page (perhaps this applies to LID and YADIS
too?) would be really cool in my opinion.
(Much in the same way that the form name doesn't HAVE to be openid_url,
but it makes things easier and more convenient to users).
Just a suggestion for designers to 'sniff' out a favicon and use it on
the site wherever desired (IF desired!).

Thanks  :-) .

Oh, and Happy Holidays folks.  I'm only posting this because I'm stuck
at work!  :-)

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