Identity, complemented with an icon?

Christopher Granade cgranade at
Wed Dec 28 05:11:39 UTC 2005

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Seems like it should be simple to introduce a "favatar" service URI, and
simply list it as being another service offered.
- --Chris

Jason S wrote:
> I didn't mean to ACTUALLY reply into that thread, but clicking reply was
> the quickest way to get the list address again...
> Pardon the repost, but it's MUCH better to have these threads seperated,
> because, uhhh, they deal with different subject matter :P.
> So, repost ahoy!:
> I think I may have just stumbled onto an awesome idea to complement
> 'identities'.
> I've been reading a lot about Favicons (like the official specifications
> and the like), and thanks to the wide wide web world of links, I found
> 'Favatars'.
> (Note: Some of you may remember 'Gravatars', this is the same thing but
> decentralized.  Hey, just like OpenID/LID and Passport! :D)
> The Wikipedia entry for favicons makes mention of a 'favatar'.  It's
> essentially, YOUR favicon, on someone elses site.
> What's the big deal?
> Well... OpenID (and LID, right?) identifies you by a URI, and that URI
> can (and often does) feature a favicon, either referenced in <link>, or
> omni-present at /favicon.ico
> There's a plugin for WordPress where commenters who fill out their 'URL'
> address get their 16x16 favatar shown on the top right hand side of
> their comment.
> As we all (should :D) know, favicons are one of two things:
> Simply a favicon.ico file in your web root, or <link>'ed too, much like
> openid.server and identity.server  :-D !
> It doesn't need to be a part of the spec, but a small mention of it on
> the page (perhaps this applies to LID and YADIS
> too?) would be really cool in my opinion.
> (Much in the same way that the form name doesn't HAVE to be openid_url,
> but it makes things easier and more convenient to users).
> Just a suggestion for designers to 'sniff' out a favicon and use it on
> the site wherever desired (IF desired!).
> Thanks  :-) .
> Oh, and Happy Holidays folks.  I'm only posting this because I'm stuck
> at work!  :-)

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