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Peter Davis peter.davis at neustar.biz
Wed Dec 28 20:40:15 UTC 2005

On 12/28/2005 1:50 PM, "Joaquin Miller" <joaquin at netmesh.us> wrote:

>> FWIW, other security protocols nearby use the term
>> 'principal'.  Seems appropriate.
> How do you feel about using 'principal' for the human (evil
> corporation, virtuous neighborhood association, ...) and 'agent' for
> the item participating in the YADIS over HTTP protocol.  That is
> always a machine, right?

Seems reasonable to me. SAML uses 'principal' when it describes the 'user'
and 'subject' when describing it's 'identifier' (eg: YADIS URL) in protocol

The use of 'agent' here is consistent with other specifications... 'client'
would be another good candidate.

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