OpenID in PHP

Kurt Raschke kurt at
Fri Jul 1 14:08:26 PDT 2005

On Jul 1, 2005, at 8:53 AM, meepbear * wrote:

> If you plan to use it as a cheat sheet to compare things to your  
> implementation rather than a literal copy/paste of functions, don't  
> worry about the license too much :).

Wordpress and Textpattern both are licensed under the GPL; suffice it  
to say that I am a bit worried about this code being under a license  
which is neither GPL-compatible, nor OSI-approved.

 From "My goal is to release every part of this under the  
most liberal licenses possible, so there's no money or licensing or  
registering required to play."

If the goal is to truly allow OpenID to be used in as many programs  
as possible, then I would recommend that OpenID libraries either be  
placed in the public domain, or be put under a permissive license  
like the modified BSD license.

OpenID won't do anyone any good if we just get entangled in licensing  


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