OpenID in PHP

meepbear * meepbear at
Thu Jul 7 16:35:17 PDT 2005

Switched to GPL since the AFPL was too restrictive in this case apparantly.

The consumer needs some minimal touch-up work but checkid_immediate and 
checkid_setup are both there and fully functional, as well as "dumb mode" 
for both. Default session_type is DH but it will fallback to non-DH if no 
big integer support is available.
Backporting it to PHP 4 is possible and shouldn't be too time-consuming, but 
converting it from OO to procedural like some have asked me about would 
probably require more time and effort than just doing it by yourself from 

Same for the server, everything is there and functional but I still need to 
do a little reviewing here and there.
I also pulled out most of the 'valid_to' functionality so it will (for now) 
return both a 'lifetime' and an 'is_valid' (the consumer will check for 
either as well).
Converting it to PHP 4 should be all of 5 minutes work, the only thing that 
needs to change is the handler interface.

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