Python OpenID library updated

Carl Howells chowells at
Wed Jul 6 10:31:20 PDT 2005

And almost immediately updated to 0.0.3, thanks to a good find by Mario 
Salzer.  Fixed in 0.0.3 is a bug in the id server code that was sending 
back mac_key incorrectly if Diffie-Hellman wasn't used.  The 
documentation was also updated in one spot, to bring it more up-to-date.

As always, homepage, wiki, and download at:

Carl Howells

Carl Howells wrote:
>'s Python OpenID library has been updated.
> Version 0.0.2 has better documentation for the sample system, clearer 
> imports, and fixes the bug handling non-encoded mac keys.
> Homepage, wiki, and download:
> <>
> Check it out.  All feedback is appreciated.
> Carl Howells

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