beta releases of new Net::OpenID:: modules

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Tue Jul 12 23:31:56 PDT 2005

New versions of the OpenID perl modules:

They're labeled beta because they're untested, but I'll do that tomorrow
morning.  Just wanted to get them out there as soon as possible.

Reviews/testing appreciated.

Server changes:

        * version 1.1 of the protocol, with 1.0 also as a "compat" option
          (compat is automatically on for a month if not specified)

Consumer changes:

        * required_root in constructor/method/validated_identity

        * allow https identities

        * version 1.1 of the protocol

        * expand entities in link rel

        * reject cached association validation if expiry is in past

Also, the spec has been updated:

For posterity:  (the current one)

And replace_after_s has been renamed "expires_in" (thanks, Carl!), since I
heard no objections from Paul.

- Brad

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