PHP4 Consumer - is there one available?

Zefiro work at
Thu Jul 14 05:19:41 PDT 2005

Hi, meepbear

> Exceptions in the consumer code is the only involved part that needs to
> change (the server is far easier to backport since it doesn't have any):

At some time I actually tried building something like exceptions in PHP4,
using a global variable and an exception class. It was meant to be easily
updated to PHP5, then, but the project was canceled early, so I have no
idea if this would've been as useful as I thought. I'll attach the
unfinished source if someone's interested.

>>Actually I'm very careful when people claim anything computer related
>>would be 'a matter of xx minutes', usually you could use 'quarter hours'
>>instead of 'minutes'. But perhaps for him it would be, since he knows the
> Maybe I should have added an "assuming you're comfortable with OO-code in
> general and know how exceptions work" disclaimer :).
Extend this by an "Your editor is opened, all files are loaded, you know
how the source works and just need to change it, also assuming it works
right away thus skipping debugging" and I'll agree *g*

> So far the response has been that noone is interested in PHP OO-code and
> only wants procedural code so I never started on a PHP 4 branch since I
> use PHP 5 exclusively.
I don't mind OO. I use Java in daily coding anyway. And as long as it's a
library, OO and procedural is both fine with me. For rather small
projects, being just the glue between database and HTML, it's not that
much of a difference anyway.

Thanks for your work, I'll look into it when time permits.


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