PHP4 Consumer - is there one available?

Zefiro work at
Wed Jul 13 01:57:39 PDT 2005

>  From <>:
>> Converting it to PHP 4 should be all of 5 minutes work, the only thing
>> that needs to change is the handler interface.
> I haven't looked into it personally, but meepbear has been pretty
> right-on.
I indeed saw this message and intended to have a closer look. I don't have
PHP5 here but know there are quite some differences in the OO. E.g. PHP4
doesn't support exceptions.

Actually I'm very careful when people claim anything computer related
would be 'a matter of xx minutes', usually you could use 'quarter hours'
instead of 'minutes'. But perhaps for him it would be, since he knows the

I asked if there was something to consider. I thought about changes to the
spec (but haven't taken a close look yet). meepbear, is your consumer
updated and ready to use with the current version?


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