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Wed Jul 20 12:05:10 PDT 2005


Cousins: One home page and multiple 'specialized' openid servers

Say my home page had the following entries

<link rel="openid.server" href="">
<link rel="openid.server.profile" href="">
<link rel="" href="">
<link rel="" href="">

openid.server.profile, .data & .cash perform the following
'additional interceptor functions'

  only accepts mode:checkid_intercept (similar to checkid_setup)
  with an added field sent by consumer such as
  profile: "profile_fields_requested=..."
  cash: "payment_out=..." or "payment_in=..."
  data: "upload_data_url=..."

  Enforces additional checks on intercepting
   such as a password request 
    - So hacked web-sites have an additional protection
    - and unlike XUP the consumer never gets access to password.

   Performs dedicated action, on user okay

So, now end-user can do things like
- pay consumer 10c for access to 'this pdf/mp3' etc
- Get white paper in exchange for email address
- earn 10c for carrying consumers message/link on his blog
S. Sriram

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