OpenID status update

Martin Atkins mart at
Fri Jun 3 05:38:30 PDT 2005

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> TypeKey server support: functionally complete.  I don't control the
> release cycle, so I have no clue when it'll go live, though.  But I logged
> into my local LiveJournal install using my local TypeKey install, so
> that's exciting.  To clarify: the TypeKey service will speak both TypeKey
> protocol (1.0 and 1.1) and OpenID.

Is TypeKey providing authorization of external URLs, authorization of
some URLs that it provides, or both? At the moment I'm imagining support
using a mechanism not unlike that used by my proxy, which would be the
former, but I guess it's not much of a stretch to make
work as an identity URL.

TypeKey support, I think, is the most exciting part of this at least for
now. TypeKey gives interesting parties a way to get into the fray
without signing up for some unrelated service like a weblog or journal,
and allows an identity service completely divorced from anything else.

It does, of course, also mean that the existing TypeKey userbase
automatically has access to OpenID, which must be good!

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