OpenID status update

Ben Hyde bhyde at
Sat Jun 4 06:57:04 PDT 2005

Trying to move the version number issue to closure.

> Ah, but TypeKey didn't add a version number until 1.1.  The initial
> version (1.0) is implied.
> And HTTP/0.9 is implied.
> And SMTP instead of ESMTP is implied (and ESMTP does capabilities).

So it's inevitable.  If you put it in now, and you make it optional, 
then you force
the ID servers to do work now rather than later.  The cost is some slow 
now.  The benefit is that the first revision will be a _lot_ smoother.

> I've never seen a major/minor versioning system work.

I think this is a red herring.  The purpose of the version # in the 
protocol is
to be sure that partners can rendezvous at a protocol definition they 
understand and - much more importantly they can know when they don't
have a common language.

I think you want it now.  You can go to market faster if you know that 
upgrade to version 2 is likely to go smoothly.

Finally it's a signal to the adopters that a version 2 is entirely 
likely and
hence that this isn't a dead end if it turns out something is seriously 
in version 1.

Just use a integer, the whole major/minor thing isn't useful - as you've

That said, your the BD and I'm not passionate about his aspect of the

    - ben

  I forecast sunny weather!

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