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Wed Jun 8 04:13:53 PDT 2005

Martin Atkins wrote:

>This seems to be getting a bit complicated. My vote would be just for
>picking one (any one; as a perl programmer, I really don't care!) 

+++1 on that!
And I am a Perl hater...

>As you noted way back at the beginning, giving ID servers and consumers
>choices just for the sake of it is bad, because they'll just support
>whatever the big guys (LiveJournal/TypeKey) do and ignore everyone else.

But I am still not convinced that you are on the right track:

I asked some protocol people:

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Jean-Luc Delatre wrote: 

 > I am only *one* among all the speakers on this open source project
 > and the others are rather inclined on  "tinkering" than on  protocols 

Ok, I have just seen a specialist in the protocols, David Pointcheval. 
He agrees with my analysis:  except having specialists, you should not 
try to you to design or prove protocols and to satisfy you to implement 
protocols known, studied, proven etc.  under their specified condition 
of uses. 

D. Monniaux

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Jean-Luc Delatre wrote:

 > Je ne suis que *un* parmi tous les intervenants sur ce projet open
 > source et les autres sont plutôt portés sur le "bidouillage" que sur
 > les preuves de protocoles...

Bon, je viens de voir un spécialiste des protocoles, David Pointcheval.
Il est d'accord avec mon analyse: sauf à avoir des spécialistes, vous ne
devriez pas essayer de concevoir ou de prouver des protocoles et vous
contenter d'implémenter des protocoles connus, étudiés, prouvés etc.
dans leurs conditions d'emploi spécifiées.

D. Monniaux

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