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Thu Jun 23 12:34:08 PDT 2005

This is excellent! Is there anything anyone would like to add/comment on 
regarding this flow before I begin to write code against it? Seems like just 
the kind of thing that should find its ways to being part of the 
specification as undoubtedly if there is a platform/language combination 
that has the capability to implement this flow and each item contained 
within there exists somewhere someone with the desire to use this 
language/platform combination and will require this same type of flow chart 
to gain a complete understanding as to how to go about it.

Jason, are there any comments you would like to add to this?

On 6/23/05, meepbear * <meepbear at> wrote:
> >that is either non-language/platform specific (e.g. doesnt
> >focus on the Perl modules necessary to implement a successful
> >implementation) and instead each and every step of the
> >process, the name and mandatory and/or optional parameters,
> >and the expected return type and if necessary, the actual value
> >of the type if practical/possible
> A general flow diagram generally helps me make sense of things :). For
> example I ended up with:
> That should be readable by anyone regardless of programming language and 
> you
> can have separate text annotations in places where something needs to be
> explained in more detail than a diagram would allow.
> Those two, along with the output generated from the example generator 
> should
> give everyone a fairly good chance at putting all the pieces together I
> think?


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