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Wed Jun 29 13:36:16 PDT 2005

Not that I have any idea what Brad's feelings are on his logo it should be 
pointed out theres a difference between childish intellectual property 
paradigms and branding consistency; if rules are put into place the latter 
should never be confused with an individuals behavior having childish 
tendencies and instead someone who is concerned that one person's subtle 
changes do not necessarily equate to another's and as such allowing a broad 
creative license in these matters can cause a TON of problems especially 
when somebody somewhere along the way decides that they just dont like this 
or that or whatever else, start from scratch, and begin using this new logo 
with the idea that this is part of the creative right's given to them as 
part of the "license".

Not that I am trying to create comotion or suggest your ideas have no merit. 
They do for sure and I agree that changing the base color scheme can be 
really helpful when it comes to site color coordination, etc.. But it seems 
that there should then be a series of color schemes submitted by whomever 
has interest, changing nothing else, of which Brad and those in whom he 
chooses to help in the decision process can select those in which they feel 
agree with the "spirit" of the original logo design and call them official 
with the requirement that you can select any of the approved graphics to 
help match your site design but please leave things as is. If you think a 
new design is important then create one and submit it to Brad for 
consideration. Again, not that I know Brad or any of these guys beyond 
watching them develop this project at a pace I have NEVER witnessed before 
now. So please don't take what I am suggesting and attach it to them. But 
this is an area I do have a considerable amount of professional experience 
in so I felt it was worth at least expressing my professional opinions in 
this area to be dealt with as the project developers see fit.

Cheers :)

On 6/29/05, Dro Kulix <dro at> wrote:
> Since the (sparse!) FAQ [ ] and
> the mailing list archives (as far as I could tell) make no mention of
> this, I'm wondering some things about the OpenID logo.
> * Who owns the logo?
> * What are the terms of use of the logo?
> * Would it be reasonably legitimate to make subtle changes to the logo
> (for example, to change the color of the "I" pillar from orange to blue or
> to alter the color of the background or make it transparent)?
> * Is there already a publicly available SVG/EPS/print-resolution pixmap
> version of the logo to use? (That's just out of curiosity--I'm handy with
> CorelDraw and the logo would be trivial to duplicate.)
> I know that this project isn't rooted in childish intellectual property
> paradigms; this is just something that probably ought to be explicitly
> specified.
> Please leave a URI with your RTFM. :-)
> Thanks -- PSM


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