OpenID Logo

Dro Kulix dro at
Wed Jun 29 13:17:20 PDT 2005

Since the (sparse!) FAQ [ ] and
the mailing list archives (as far as I could tell) make no mention of
this, I'm wondering some things about the OpenID logo.

* Who owns the logo?
* What are the terms of use of the logo?
* Would it be reasonably legitimate to make subtle changes to the logo
(for example, to change the color of the "I" pillar from orange to blue or
to alter the color of the background or make it transparent)?
* Is there already a publicly available SVG/EPS/print-resolution pixmap
version of the logo to use?  (That's just out of curiosity--I'm handy with
CorelDraw and the logo would be trivial to duplicate.)

I know that this project isn't rooted in childish intellectual property
paradigms; this is just something that probably ought to be explicitly

Please leave a URI with your RTFM. :-)

Thanks -- PSM

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