OpenID in PHP

Xageroth Sekarius xageroth at
Thu Jun 30 02:25:30 PDT 2005

On 6/30/05, meepbear * <meepbear at> wrote:
> In the context of PHP "bundled" only means that it doesn't depend on an
> external library, but whether or not it's there and useable depends on how
> PHP was compiled (with --enable-bcmath). I checked with the hosts I'm with,
> and I asked others to check a phpinfo(); and none of them had either BCMath
> or GMP so my sense so far is that you can't rely on them being there and
> most likely neither of them will be there.
> To further add to the fun, the BCMath that comes with Windows doesn't yield
> the same results as it does on UNIX.

Didn't know that. BCMath came with my own download of PHP5 for
Windows.. tho I ALSO didn't know that it yields different results :(
That sucks, I have a lot of things to test now. *sigh*

> BigInt is my own "pure PHP" implementation so you're probably thinking of
> something else, although I probably would really like to know about what you
> thought it is.

> HMAC also requires the mhash extension which isn't necessarily there by
> default, but at least you can get around that one easily.

There is a PEAR::Crypt_HMAC ... not sure if that's any use to you now
or if you knew that.

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