OpenID Proposal: OpenID Messaging

Kurt Raschke kurt at
Wed Jun 29 17:42:44 PDT 2005

On Jun 29, 2005, at 7:43 PM, Kristopher Tate wrote:

> So, let's look at openid.mode = 'associate'. Associate is only used  
> by most of us as a "smart mode". So, upon response, why not have a  
> key-value that talks about services, and then another value that  
> would have info on that service.
> So, what if I had implemented my http mail system over OpenID, my  
> ID Server would return all the regular associate stuffs.. with:
> services:openid-mail,lid-mail
> openid-mail:
> lid-mail:

I worry about the potential for bloat...OpenID is an identification  
protocol, and I am not sure that it is OpenID's place to be giving  
pointers to other servers.  Couldn't you use <link> tags (or an  
appropriate equivalent for non-HTML documents) as pointers to the  
"openid-mail" and "lid-mail" servers?  That way OpenID can stick to  
being a superior identification protocol, without the bloat of  
messaging.  Keeping the protocol clean, lightweight, and focused  
makes it easier to implement.

Just my two cents.


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