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Thu Jun 30 03:15:53 PDT 2005

>Didn't know that. BCMath came with my own download of PHP5 for
>Windows.. tho I ALSO didn't know that it yields different results :(
>That sucks, I have a lot of things to test now. *sigh*
Unless you're hosting yourself you'll need to check phpinfo() on your host 
though. If it has bcmath support compiled in, it will be listed with the 
other extensions.

The other thing is easy enough to test. Try the attached file, if you get a 
number starting with '5829...' then it's fine. It returns 1 on my test 
server while it works fine on my host. The PHP versions on both are the same 
so that's what made me suspect a platform issue.

The problem is that it's still something that has to be installed by the 
host. I wanted something that would make DH work regardless of extensions 
but it doesn't seem very likely :(.

>There is a PEAR::Crypt_HMAC ... not sure if that's any use to you now
>or if you knew that.
I tend to avoid PEAR since usually you need only one function but end up 
having to include half a dozen other files just so it'll work. That's the 
main reason why I wrote my own HTTP class instead of using theirs.

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