OpenID in PHP

Xageroth Sekarius xageroth at
Thu Jun 30 04:46:52 PDT 2005

On 6/30/05, meepbear * <meepbear at> wrote:
> The other thing is easy enough to test. Try the attached file, if you get a
> number starting with '5829...' then it's fine. It returns 1 on my test
> server while it works fine on my host. The PHP versions on both are the same
> so that's what made me suspect a platform issue.

Works fine for me (winxp 64bit, php5.0.3)

> >
> The problem is that it's still something that has to be installed by the
> host. I wanted something that would make DH work regardless of extensions
> but it doesn't seem very likely :(.

dl() has worked on most hosts that I've used, tho it doesn't work for
IIS, I'm told. I would just support best I could then at some point I
would stop jumping through hoops and say "Your server doesn't support
any of the extensions I need, it doesn't allow me to load them for
you, I can't seem to find an alternate language I can use on your
server for this part soooo it's no longer MY problem. Talk to your

> I tend to avoid PEAR since usually you need only one function but end up
> having to include half a dozen other files just so it'll work. That's the
> main reason why I wrote my own HTTP class instead of using theirs.

haha, I agree, tho, when I go to re-invent the wheel, I at least look
at the wheel. :)

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