URL relationship permanence

meepbear * meepbear at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 30 23:22:08 PDT 2005

>In regards to disallowing redirection, he says we should not do so.  Rather 
>there are valid redirection cases such as example.com -> www.example.com 
>which is quite
>common practice.  Additionally, some sites may use the equivalent of
>web.example.com translated into their local language.  Thus the redirect 
>example to com would not goto www.example.com.

Thanks. Sorry if it seems like a trivial question, but I think to some 
degree it's important that every consumer behaves to certain conditions in 
the same manner since a user is not going to know the difference between 
consumer implementation A and consumer implementation B.
They'll end up looking virtually identical from their viewpoint so they 
should have the same or at least near-identical experience when using both.

Does it make sense to have a standard list of error/informational messages 
the consumer would display to the user or would that just be going over the 
edge into over-standardization?

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