OpenID consumer code

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Sun May 22 20:02:43 PDT 2005

Pretty much all you need to be a consumer site:


Optional, if you have openssl around, but this is cleaner:

Optional, but recommended:

Still a little rough, but it works, and it's got docs.

Changes since 0.01:

        * POD docs for Net/OpenID/

        * accepts CGI, Apache, Apache::Request, and CODE arguments now for
        GET argument retrievers, in addition to just HASH references

        * openid.server auto-discovery only happens within first <head> tag

        * if using Crypt::OpenSSL::DSA, now requires 0.12 due to bugs found
          in 0.11.

        * DSA verification using OpenSSL binary no longer spews "Verification OK"
          to stdout


- Brad

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