OpenID demo updated to use Net::OpenID::Consumer

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Mon May 23 00:59:11 PDT 2005

The consumer demo here:

Is now updated to use Net::OpenID::Consumer 0.3, which has minor bugfixes
since 0.2:

The Perl source code to the helper.bml file is now here:

It's in BML, but kill the first and last line and add a couple lines
at top for and you got a cgi script.  It's not actually doing
anything BML-specific.

That file also deals with the "classic" mode now too, so there's no more
classic-helper.bml.  Also, because both modes now use
Net::OpenID::Consumer, the DSA signature checks are actually done.  They
weren't in the previous demo.  So it's good to test your server code

This means that all the source code to the demo is now available:

The next release of Net::OpenID::Consumer will have pluggable caching.


- Brad

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