Martin Atkins mart at
Wed May 25 10:28:35 PDT 2005

Benjamin Trott wrote:
> Hi,
> Yes, I'm absolutely happy to kill of the Crypt::OpenPGP requirement--I
> didn't even think it was required, I thought it was dynamically loaded. I
> may be wrong.
> As for RDF::Core, it's pure Perl, and depends only on XML::Parser. It does
> have a rather annoying warning about a variable already having been declared
> via my (twice in the same scope), but other than that, it's pretty
> straightforward.
> Ben

I've certainly had little trouble with XML::FOAF or RDF::Core just now. 
I also don't have Crypt::OpenPGP and yet it seems to work just fine.

My FOAF data source is actually the simplest of the bunch, since this 
module does all of the work:

     my $doc = new XML::FOAF(\$content, $url);
     my $p = $doc->person();

     my $ret = {
         'name' => $p->name(),
         'nick' => $p->nick(),
         'mbox_sha1' => $p->mbox_sha1sum(),
         'website_url' => $p->homepage(),
         'weblog_url' => $p->weblog(),
         'photo' => $p->img(),

(that's not actually all of it, as there are a few special cases below 
and some error handling. Still much simpler than my code to handle Atom, 

It seems to work reliably for every FOAF file I've tried, too. That's 
more than I can say for RSS and Atom! To be fair, though, neither of 
those formats are designed for this purpose so I shouldn't be so hard on 

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