OpenID Wiki + Consumer Integration

Mark Smith marksmith at
Wed May 25 22:10:47 PDT 2005

Using Net::OpenID::Consumer, I've implemented a plugin for my wiki software
that enables users to log in with their OpenID identity.

(Note: major work in progress re: design/code.  Fully functional as a wiki
though, and uses Markdown.)

Brad started putting together some pages for OpenID.  Everybody's welcome
to come and help out.  Note that you have to have a valid OpenID identity
in order to log in, and you must log in in order to edit pages.

Another cool feature: you can associate multiple identities with your one
LifeWiki "account".  Just go to the Preferences page and click "Associate
Another Identity".

I used this to, for example, associate both of my LiveJournal accounts (in
all forms) so that I can log in no matter what LJ account my browser
happens to be logged in as.


Mark Smith
junior at

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