OpenID Wiki

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Thu May 26 23:41:35 PDT 2005

Status updated (and top news updates removed), news page (with no news)
removed, new offsite links for mailing list/wiki:

Does anybody feel like converting the OpenID status page on the website to
the Wiki, so I can slim down the OpenID website even more?

[off-topic:  Junior, you should make the namespaces in LifeWiki
per-namespace themeable, so for the openid one, it'd just use the OpenID
website's CSS... and/or provide an interface for us to rsync raw html
files for the openid website every 5 minutes, so we get it, and I process
any changes since last time and insert our css/page formatting, and just
make every page in the openid/wiki/ area link to for
editting... I can do it without rsync, and just spider the changes page,
perhaps?  Kinda lame, though.]

- Brad

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