OpenID Wiki

Martin Atkins mart at
Fri May 27 00:20:21 PDT 2005

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> [off-topic:  Junior, you should make the namespaces in LifeWiki
> per-namespace themeable, so for the openid one, it'd just use the OpenID
> website's CSS... and/or provide an interface for us to rsync raw html
> files for the openid website every 5 minutes, so we get it, and I process
> any changes since last time and insert our css/page formatting, and just
> make every page in the openid/wiki/ area link to for
> editting... I can do it without rsync, and just spider the changes page,
> perhaps?  Kinda lame, though.]

I like the idea of syncing certain pages to the main site, though that 
would probably get stale if implemented with the main site pulling from 
the wiki. If the wiki could push out to the main site on a change, that 
would be neat. Doesn't really have to be all of the pages, either... 
just the core ones like the status page, with a link out to the wiki 
itself for everything else for now.

While on the subject of the wiki, is there some way that it could be 
arranged so that OpenID is never treated as a wikiname? Typing !OpenID 
all the time is quite tedious.

I'd be happy to just drop the CutesyLittleWikiNames altogether and use 
proper links like Wikipedia, but I guess that's not really an option! :)

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