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On 5/27/05, M. David Peterson <xmlhacker at> wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> It seems the simple solution then would be to regex '@' and replace with 
> '.' so user at would become<>before being passed to the server...
> Adding a bit more to this... Actually, I think this presents an 
> interesting opportunity. It just so happened that<>was still available so I've registered it and will happily accept a request 
> for transfer from Brad or donate it to whomever he suggests will be the 
> holding body (livejournal?) for the OpenID entities. What this seems to 
> present quite nicely a way to both create a network for each implementation 
> of OpenID such that setting up a server and verifying its validity would 
> then give you the ability to request<>and have the zone file updated with the correct IP or domain to redirect the 
> requests too. By doing this a simple data base of implementers can be 
> created, offending members easily tagged (e.g. those who blatantly abuse 
> the system to take on an appereance of someone else or for spam related 
> purposes, etc.. at the root of each * could live a status.xmlAtom or RSS feed making it quite easy to maintain system wide stats using 
> Brad, if you woul like to guide me to the proper person I would need to 
> expect a request to transfer from I will prepare this and "sign" the papers 
> as soon as I get them. If, for now, you want me to hold tught, thats fine 
> too.. I guess that would give us all a good chance to build implementation 
> for this into all the servers for testing.
> Cheers :)
> <M:D/>
> Obviously the ideas could be extended quite substantially...
> Either way, I do like the '@' idea... for the masses to embrace new ideas 
> they need to feel like its at least somewhat familiar and using the @ email 
> directive, even if just for show, seems to me like it could drive it home 
> for a lot of people.
> I actually have some more announcements regarding the implemenation of the 
> OpenID system on the .NET platform and then using this as the primary 
> identity scheme for the ChannelXML project -- a community effort to 
> decentralize the web. When I finally have had a chance to get things to the 
> point they need later today Iwill update the list and takes things from 
> there...
> On 5/27/05, Martin Atkins <mart at> wrote:
> > 
> > loune wrote:
> > > Hi List,
> > >
> > > As I mentioned before, the draft specs for the ID system I was working
> > > on, instead of using URL, it uses IDs similar to emails. I've just
> > > realised that such a format could also be used with with open ID. A 
> > URI 
> > > could contain the form http://user@domain/ and as long as the consumer
> > > passes this form to the ID server with the is_identity param, the ID
> > > server can take it and then do whatever verification with it. 
> > >
> > > So the end result is that multiple people can share a website and 
> > still
> > > be identified individually.
> > 
> > I suppose that will work, though since the user/password URL format is
> > not technically allowed for HTTP I expect that it will not work for 
> > everyone's HTTP libraries and browsers. Internet Explorer doesn't allow
> > this since Windows XP Service Pack 2, I believe.
> > 
> > I would be concerned that some consumers would be unable to accept such
> > URLs, and even once they have the links they generate will be unusable 
> > for many web browsers.
> > 
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