Dealing with renames

Mark mark at
Sun May 29 14:54:12 PDT 2005

Karl Koscher wrote:

> So, is there a good solution to this? Should we even worry about it? 
> One thing I was thinking of is having the identity server return some 
> unique ID that always maps to that particular user on that identity 
> server. The unique ID doesn't have to mean anything to anyone except 
> the identity server.
> Thoughts?

Well, with Drupal's authentication system, there's an authmap table that 
maps a user's authentication credentials to their account id (distinct 
from their username).  Additionally, it associates the authentication 
module that would use this info with it, so multiple authentication 
modules may co-exist.  That said, these credentials stay with a user 
regardless of what their username is changed to.


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