General things to consider

Martin Atkins mart at
Wed Nov 2 04:46:43 PST 2005

Zefiro wrote:
[bunch of stuff]
> And it would be nice if, apart from all visionary thinking, it would still be possible to do 'just easy single-signon', without
> any more fany extras :)

I think you've misinterpreted what we're talking about here.

YADIS isn't single sign on. It's not profile exchange. It's not 
user-accompanied RPC.

YADIS is a mechanism for having a single identity endpoint and hiding 
behind it a selection of capabilities. What those capabilities are is 
not in YADIS's scope.

OpenID doesn't go away. YADIS is an additional layer on top of OpenID. 
The signon bit underneath will remain unchanged. In practice, I'd guess 
that old OpenID users would also go on including the openid.server and 
openid.delegate links in documents for back-compat, so clued-in 
consumers would be able to bypass YADIS altogether in many cases.

While it's true that YADIS as currently specced features a profile 
exchange capability, I'm arguing that it should not be there as it's 
outside of the scope of YADIS, so I'm just pretending it isn't there for 
the purposes of this discussion. :)

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