OpenID adoption - any new consumers?

Dan Libby danda at
Fri Nov 4 14:57:59 PST 2005

On Friday 04 November 2005 16:13, Zefiro wrote:
> > We need a sites like Yahoo or Myspace or Slashdot to both run servers,
> > and accept OpenId's
> I'd add Wikipedia to this.

Re wikipedia... there's a few problems with the patch I created for mediawiki 
and I don't have time/resources to work on it further right now.  The biggest 
one is that a login-type selector is needed on the login page. If anyone is 
interested in taking it over and doing the legwork to get it included in the 
official distribution, let me know.

Once MediaWiki officially includes openID / SSO, WikiPedia shouldn't be too 
far behind...

> > Ahhh... critical mass, if only it were easy to get.
> on the other hand it may not be too bad to let OpenID mature a bit more
> before the real big mass hits it and makes any changes impossible.
> Especially since YADIS is in the development and it would perhaps benefit
> our goal more to introduce a robust, extensible (through YADIS) solution
> with OpenID as example/reference implementation than to lobby OpenID now,
> and YADIS sometime later. Big sites needs time to implement this, and they
> want to make sure it's mature enough for the masses.

I'd agree with this statement.  Additionally I think that a layer for 
authenticated and user-authorized profile exchange will be a key thing for 
many sites that just want to be consumers but that need some some additional 
info about the user.

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