Verisign on YADIS etc.

Ernst Johannes at
Wed Nov 9 13:18:49 PST 2005

You may be interested in this extensive blog post by Mike Graves of  
Verisign on YADIS. 

Some of my thoughts in response are here:

I think there is a belief among the "reform movement" at Verisign  
(that Mike belongs to) that things like YADIS would be an excellent  
foundation on top of which a range of high-value features can be  
implemented by the entire community in an open manner -- for example,  
signed blog pings to cut down on spam and splogs. (using public key  
distribution through YADIS-enabled URLs as we've done it in LID for  
some time).

Their post is not a one-time event but part of a quite promising  
development: Versign has already put together a multi-vendor working  
group on the subject that includes many  of of the high-volume  
blogging tool hosts/vendors -- who really seemed to like the idea of  
using the YADIS foundation to enable signed pings in a meeting Brad,  
David and myself participated in this morning, because YADIS is  
simple, it scales, it can be implemented incrementally and it's an  
open initiative that can let many flowers bloom. And of course  
because it opens up a lot of new possibilities in an incremental  
manner. (At least those are the reasons I heard being mentioned.)

It seems to be the expectation of everybody that more will come out  
of this publicly quite soon, with the initial sweet spot being the  
intersection of YADIS and projects such as FeedMesh. We'll keep you  
guys in the loop -- I expect some additional requirements for YADIS  
to come out of this group, but that's why we have YADIS, so people  
can participate and influence...

David, Brad: anything to add?

Johannes Ernst
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