Shibboleth & grid computing

Tim tfreeman at
Thu Nov 17 22:02:54 PST 2005

Seib, Broc <bseib <at>> writes:

> Hi Brad, Paul, et al., 
> Have you seen shibboleth? (At least to steal some good ideas?)
> The shibboleth architecture gets closer to my own wishlist -- where the
> user has the benefit of controlling their degree of anonymity and
> privacy while minimizing repeated authentications. Your identity merely
> has attributes which third parties can request or assert.
> This OpenID topic interests me in the world of grid computing, where
> "virtual organizations" cross many real organizational boundaries. Here
> we wish to allow people to access to computing resources using existing
> (decentralized) identities, and letting organizations use existing
> authentication systems they already have in place.

Hi, there is an integration effort underway between Shibboleth and Globus
middleware that you may be interested in.



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