Towards making some decisions

Ernst Johannes at
Mon Nov 21 15:03:32 PST 2005

The good: all of us on the YADIS mailing list want to solve the  
capability discovery problem, and solve it well; and we all have lots  
of great insights.
The bad: we don't have agreement how to actually do it.
The ugly: I'm not sure we are making any actual progress in any  
particular direction on the mailing list -- although we all want to.

Anybody disagree with this diagnosis?

David and I were just chatting, and we both feel it is time for YADIS  
to make some decisions about some of the proposals on the table. We  
also both think that it is going to take an in-person meeting with a  
big white board to do so ...

So I'd like to propose the following steps:

1) anybody who wants to make a proposal on how to best do capability  
discovery: write it down as an actual proposal so people can  
understand how exactly it would work. (Preferably on the Draft-002  
page on the wiki, and preferably you'd all help us in listing the  
pros and cons of your proposal that you see.) Would be great if this  
could be completed by the end of the day Monday November 28th, ie a  
week from now.

2) some time next week (tentative: Thursday, December 1st), we'd all  
(see below) get together around a big whiteboard at Six Apart in San  
Francisco, look at the proposals carefully, and agree on which one  
it's going to be.

3) After the decision is made, the YADIS draft gets updated, and we  
all start implementing what was decided. (right?!)

Optional 4th step thereafter:
4) If, during implementation, it turns out we made a really bad  
decision and it is unworkable, we revisit.

Could I get a virtual show of hands -- e-mail me publicly or  
privately -- of those people who:

1) would want to attend that San Francisco meeting, and
2) are willing and able to make a substantial commitment to help  
shepherding YADIS for some substantial period of time, certainly  
beyond this particular technical question (I'm not asking for a  
"formal" commitment, but a personal commitment), and
3) feel strongly about capability discovery so they really would want  
to be involved not just collecting the ingredients (the proposals)  
but assembling the sausage (agreeing).

Irrespective of the show of hands, if you don't like this plan, this  
is a good time to raise your hand, too ;-)


Johannes Ernst
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