Towards making some decisions

Lukas Leander Rosenstock webmaster at
Tue Nov 22 12:55:06 PST 2005

Ernst Johannes wrote:

> 1) anybody who wants to make a proposal on how to best do capability  
> discovery: write it down as an actual proposal so people can  
> understand how exactly it would work. (Preferably on the Draft-002  
> page on the wiki, and preferably you'd all help us in listing the  
> pros and cons of your proposal that you see.) Would be great if this  
> could be completed by the end of the day Monday November 28th, ie a  
> week from now.

I've done it and added some things on the wiki. There are two additional 
concepts of which I think I've seen them being discussed on the list and 
a short paragraph about combining multiple drafts to have fallback 

> 2) some time next week (tentative: Thursday, December 1st), we'd all  
> (see below) get together around a big whiteboard at Six Apart in San  
> Francisco, look at the proposals carefully, and agree on which one  
> it's going to be.
> 3) After the decision is made, the YADIS draft gets updated, and we  
> all start implementing what was decided. (right?!)

I think there are some people interested in YADIS (I believe there are a 
lot of read-only or less active - like myself) on this list but we are 
not able to come to San Francisco for such a decision. Maybe we as the 
"virtual community" should make a clear statement on our preferred 


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