PHP Consumer and misc things

Zefiro work at
Wed Oct 5 18:34:54 PDT 2005

Hi, Dan

> And I'm a bit averse to fixing things in the PHP version without getting the same fix back into python
> upstream, so it requires some coordination.
no problem with that. That's why I write to the list :)

[Session-based example]
> If you'd like to send it to me, I can evaluate for inclusion.
will do so when I find some free time to experiment again. Needs some cleaning up, i.e. remove everything which is proprietary
to my code.

[examples problems]
> I'm not sure about this.  Does the login work with other OpenID servers?   If so, probably an LJ issue.
I assumed it's a malformed query or something, which just generates the blank page. I had no other identity servers at hand to
test this when I did this (was one or two weeks back, before your server went public).

> Strange that sampleserver gives you a problem though.  Does it work
> correctly for localhost?  If not, it must be some config issue.
entering '' as claimed identity,
following your pattern from the README, results in:

Warning: protocol error : Association server response missing argument assoc_type in
/mnt/data_b/apache/extern/diary/openidtest2/PHP-OpenID- on line 195

Warning: runtime error : Unknown association type in
/mnt/data_b/apache/extern/diary/openidtest2/PHP-OpenID- on line 222

Warning: protocol error : Association server response missing argument assoc_handle in
/mnt/data_b/apache/extern/diary/openidtest2/PHP-OpenID- on line 195

Warning: protocol error : Association server response missing argument mac_key in
/mnt/data_b/apache/extern/diary/openidtest2/PHP-OpenID- on line 195

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at
/mnt/data_b/apache/extern/diary/openidtest2/PHP-OpenID- in
/mnt/data_b/apache/extern/diary/openidtest2/PHP-OpenID- on line 45

(I have not opened sampleserver.php before in this session nor was it displayed to me interactively)

[verify_return_url called twice]
> I don't have an immediate answer, and would have to dig into it a bit.
> Are you using dumb mode or smart mode?
dumb mode, I assume. I wasn't aware your library was smart mode enabled? anyway, I used the simple.php as base for my login.
(but would like to switch to smart mode if possible, see other mail)

> To my eye, the usernames are a lot prettier without the protocol and slashes.
Exactly what I was thinking :)
just that I used the claimed identity, to give the user a bit control over how it could be, assuming they type in the shortest
variant anyway.


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