PHP Consumer and misc things

Carl Howells chowells at
Wed Oct 5 18:43:33 PDT 2005

One general answer for all of this:  Mistakes were made.  There's a 
reason our version numbers have been 0.0.x.  While it works, and it 
works securely with enough help from the user of the library, the 
current release of the library is in really bad shape.  That includes 
the examples.

We've basically completed a rewrite of the consumer, but it needs 
further testing and a huge documentation overhaul.  The new version 
should be a lot better all the points raised here that aren't specific 
to the PHP version.  Dan, I'll get you an advance copy of what's been 
done later tonight, so you can get a head start on porting it.


Dan Libby wrote:
> Hi Zefiro,
> First, a general statement.  The PHP code is a direct port of the Python
> code, which I did not write.  I intend to keep it as functionally and
> API compatible as I can.   So the python folks are presently better
> qualified to answer "why does it work this way" types of questions. Or
> to put it another way, if there is a problem in one library, there is a
> good chance the problem exists in both.  And I'm a bit averse to fixing
> things in the PHP version without getting the same fix back into python
> upstream, so it requires some coordination.

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